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SEO and domain name

If you are dealing with websites on a daily basis, you’ve certainly come across the meaning and importance of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an important part of every decent website. If you want to achieve good results in SEO, you have to know some essential rules. One of them, which is very important, is to use a main keyword of your site in the domain name.

It’s much easier to achieve good SEO results if your website contains your most important keyword within domain name already. If you have an idea for your new website, but you are not still sure of which domain name to pick, you can check domain name availability tool here at our website and see if your ideas are still available to build upon them. The difficulty of getting you website high positioned in Google varies from keyword to keyword, but if you will be using your main keyword already in the domain name itself, it will be much easier for you to place yourself higher than other sites.

For example, if you own a website related to basketball and your main keyword is i.e. “best basketball teams”, it will be much easier for you to gain high positions if using domain such as “bestbasketballteams.com” or “mybestbasketballteams.net”, rather than “mynewwebsite.com” (which isn’t related to your main keyword at all). Don’t miss another chance, check domain name availability for your new website with our tool now!

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