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How to make money on the internet

Are you owner of one or more website and you think about how to monetize them? We will write some tips on how to make money on the internet. If you own a site and you can’t get any decent earning from it, read further.

Firstly, you must realize that your website, in order to get you some money, must include interesting and well edited website, which will attract many visitors. With some SEO tricks you can optimize your site for Google and gain natural website traffic, which can in future steps create solid earning for you.  When your website is well optimized and has certain amount of regular visitors, you can decide either to sell your website, or to make money on the internet with advertising. There are many well-known advertisers in the world, which offer you most often PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Each time a visitor of your site clicks the ad, you earn some money. If you know how to put ads on the right spots, this website project can be a jackpot-score for you!

How to start? Well, before starting with the whole make money on the internet thing, you have to create a website. You need to pick up a domain name (check domain name availability at our site on top!), after that you must find yourself a proper web hosting and when you have these two things set and done, the real fun begins.

Next chapter of How to make money on the internet  will continue soon. Until then, think over what you’ve read here, check domain name availability and start creating your new website today!

Web hosting

Every webmaster wants to have the best possible web hosting for his sites, I’m sure you are no different. Doing an online business is a serious thing and we have to take a good care of some basics needed to successfully do our work. Having a reliable web hosting is a priority! How to spot the best providers? Can we trust everything we read on the internet and various reviews? Not always, no. The best thing we can get is to directly contact people who’ve had experiences with the particular hosting provider we are interested in, and to see what their experiences were or still are. When talking to people you usually get some extra information you would not get from the provider’s website or conversation, so getting the direct feedback is very important.

In all the years I’m living from doing SEO business, I tested and used a lot of different hosting providers, and most of them being average-good. I was always striving to get the best service possible, including regular on-site and off-site backups, server with as less downtime as possible and friendly support team – that’s very important. People usually complain about the hosting prices, and while you can spot some really cheap providers, the quality of their services is more than questionable most often.  I would personally recommend three providers, who certainly deserve to be put amongst the best web hosting providers in the world.

West.NIC Host Unlimited Websites for less than $10! – WestNic.net is the place where you will find one of the best hosting services ever!  They offer everything from shared to dedicated hosting packages with enough space and bandwidth for you to use. Support team is very kind and ready to help new customers, you can find the answer to most of your questions already in their knowledge base, and regular backups of your data is only additional bonus! I would highly recommend WestNic web hosting provider!

BlueHost – Stationed in the United States, this web hosting is offering everything most people need for their websites to run smoothly. You can install the most popular scripts with one-click installation through control panel which is great for all of those not sure of their programming skills. If you need backups for your data – just use control panel as well, at any given time! We host most of our American-related sites on BlueHost and this really is a great web hosting provider.

HostGator – HostGator is likely the most known hosting brand in the world. Doing its business since 2002, its well established amongst many webmasters around the globe. We use HostGator web hosting for over 50 sites and never experienced any problem regarding to the web hosting performance. You can contact their support staff via LiveChat option 24/7 and they will assist you find the solution for any problem your hosting might face.